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Watertown Laundromat & Dry cleaning

                                                                                     119 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown MA 02472    

This is how we do Laundry!

-  Weigh and sort it

-  Separate darks, whites and delicates

-  Check for spots/stains and pre-treat them

-  Professionally wash your laundry using
   the proper water temperature and best brand name 
   detergents, fabric softeners & dryer sheets.

-  Use Chlorine Bleach only upon request

-  Use hypoallergenic, fragrance free detergents upon request

-  Hand Wash and air dry delicate fabrics, embellished & open weave

-  Neatly fold and professionally package your laundry
-  Use hangers for Shirts, Sweaters, Skirts, Dresses and Pants upon request 
                                                                                            at no extra charge

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our fast, reliable and convenient

 pick-up and delivery service at your 
                                   home or office

Receive a complimentary

 VIP laundry bag

 with your first order

*Offer valid for regularly scheduled weekly/bi-weekly service only

We accept personal checks

Complete Laundry Service Wash, Dry & Fold $1.25 per pound.
* Quick turnaround
* Eco-Friendly detergents
* Delicate fabric care
* Special attention to
  spots and stains
* Large capacity washers
  and dryers.

Full Dry Cleaning Service
* Professional
* Eco-friendly
* Competitive prices
* Down comforters and
  Draperies is our Speciality
* Special occasion dresses
  & formal-wear cleaning

Shirt Service
* Dry Cleaned or 
 Washed and machine pressed